Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg
& Planet Pure

An ongoing and truly enriching collaboration!

Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg has been accompanying people with disabilities for more than 50 years promoting an independent and fulfilling life for everyone at the heart of society. An inclusive world of work – marked by appreciative interaction, fun and purpose at work and the facilitation of integration – enriches the lives of every person involved.

At first glance, everyday life at the detergent manufacturer Planet Pure may seem a bit unusual. A mixed team, with or without challenges, works diligently, packs soapnuts, takes care of organizational matters and much more. People from all over the world work here on an equal footing. “Unusual” has long been our normal here. 

At Planet Pure, we not only look back on 10 years with Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg, but also look forward to a future that integrates people with disabilities naturally into the world of work. The fact that our Planet Pure family can expand and join people from Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg is something very beautiful and valuable for us. 

Social work is an integral part of our everyday life and it brings about a special atmosphere and positive energy that none of us at Planet Pure would want to miss. 

CEO Alain Bauwens „Inclusiveness is our normal”
Sequence from the Redefining Wealth Podcast (in German only)
Insights into our unusual,
normal everyday work life