Frequently asked questions

In which dm stores can you find our refill stations?
By the end of the year there will be 126 refill stations with Planet Pure products at dm Austria. Another 10 refill stations are installed in Slovakia.
What material do we use for our packaging?

Our packaging consists of 100% bio-plastics (sugar cane).

Is the packaging completely compostable and where to dispose it?

Please do not throw our packaging into bio-waste containers, as it is quite likely that our compostable packaging is confused with plastic packing material potentially leading to wrong waste treatment and quality problems. Depending on the area you live in, the collection of plant-based waste material is organized via Yellow Bin, Yellow Bag or municipal waste management.

In what sizes are Planet Pure products available?

Ex factory our products can be purchased in 5L canisters and other sizes as well. All standard sizes are available at the stores.

Is it possible to bring your own packaging and use it at the refill stations in the stores?

No. As there is a obligation to label and identify all packaging material in Austria, individual packaging unfortunately is not allowed. Therefore, you may only use the packaging provided by the stores – hopefully more than once.

Are Planet Pure products free from animal testing?

Yes and this is confirmed by animal.fair.

Do your employees receive fair wages?

Yes! Additionally, we employ people with disabilities on a full-time basis. Needless to say, we also employ part-time workers and thereby follow all Austrian regulations.


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