Our mission: “Truly organic” quality for everyone

We are on our way!

Detergents and cleaning products have become much more environmentally friendly in recent decades. But being less harmful is just not enough for us, we want to offer “truly organic” quality for all consumers.

And for us, “truly organic” means: 100% natural ingredients, 100% biodegradability and 100% recycled plastic.

Are we done yet?

No, but we have already come a very long way. And we work every day to become even better!

What you can expect from us:

Our ingredients are natural. Their production is not harming humans, animals and nature.
  • We are on our way to sourcing 100% of our ingredients from natural origins. We are proud that we develop our formulas without any mineral oil. 
  • In almost all products, we use in-house produced extracts of soapnut, which are sourced from organic farming or wild collection. 
  • The perfumes of our products are composed of 100% natural oils. 
  • We only use natural, chemically untreated water. 
We have nothing to hide and think that we have to show the red card to some things.
  • All ingredients are fully declared on the website and their natural origin is described.
  • All our products are free of microplastics, genetic engineering and nanotechnology.
  • Our products are vegan, so without ingredients of animal origin.
  • Except for our washing-up liquids, all our products are free of palm and palm kernel oil.
  • We try to develop formulas with as less preservatives as possible. Our goal is to further reduce the use of chemical preservatives.
  • All ingredients are easily and completely biodegradable.
We use easily recyclable recycling material!
  • We embark on our journey to transform all our plastic packaging across the range to be made of >95% recycled material from household collection. This refers not only to the bottle itself, but to all packaging elements, such as closure and label, so the packaging as a whole, which you take in your hand.
  • We try to develop our packaging in such a way that it is complete and easily recyclable. So that we can get new bottles made of recycled material again.
  • Our shipping boxes are made of 100% recycled material.
  • In over 140 stores in Austria and neighboring countries we offer refill stations for our detergents and washing up liquids, thus saving over 80% plastic. We are expanding our range of bulk packs, which can also save a lot of plastic.
Naturally, our products also clean.
We live in a time in which the quantity and persistence of dirt is decreasing more and more. And yet, especially conventional detergents are increasingly “inflated” to have a reason for the next commercial. We develop products that are “good enough” for clean results and have the environment in focus, even if their ingredients are much more expensive.
We don't just protect the environment!

Our ZERO% products are free of fragrances, dyes, preservatives and enzymes, making them the perfect choice for many allergy sufferers.

We produce fair, inclusive and diverse on Lake Constance in Austria.
  • We pay our employees fair wages. With our products we also support the numerous smallholders from whom we obtain our raw materials at fair prices.
  • We are an inclusion-friendly company and also employ people with disabilities and actively support the initiative for people with handicap of Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg with our workplaces.
  • Our small team is diverse in terms of gender, ethnicity and age.
  • We produce almost all our products in Austria close to the shores of the beautiful Lake of Constance. And for everything we can’t produce ourselves, we look for suppliers nearby. This reduces transportation needs and thus indirectly protects our environment in addition.

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